Friday, 13 January 2012

Snowblowing Part 2

So I have pushed the button and it starts but won't keep won't catch, it keeps shutting off
Looking at it for a moment I think and think...what would Larry do?

So I push a few buttons and move a few levers and push the start button again....nothing has changed, it just won't keep going!

So screw this!   Back to the shovelling!

20 mins later this is getting exhausting, so I finally decide to call the hubby and find out what is wrong with this stupid snowblower!

My loving and ever so kind husband kindly walks me through this...step by step

"Move the level from the turtle to the rabbit.
Move the choke to the right and then push the start button, and unplug the extention cord....and what do you know but it went and kept going!

So now I have a beautifully cleaned driveway! 

Thats the end of todays snowblowing experience but, gee it looks like more snow is falling

Wonder if it is all because today was Friday the 13th!


I think winter arrived here sometime last night...seems to snow everyday now.
So I was waiting outside with the kids for the schoolbus and I had the wonderful idea this morning to surprise my hubby and snowblow the driveway before he got home from work today.
So I dragged the machine out of the garage and looked at it!
Okay first where is the pull cord?  
Not present!    Apparently its an electric start, or so my son informs me.
Try and find an extention cord in our garage is like a .....well lets just say its not easy!

Jeremiah finds one and says to me, "plug it in and push this button and then quickly unplug and it will go!" as he runs to catch the bus.

So here I am left standing trying to figure this out.  So I plug the cord into the wall outlet and then look at the snowblower....I know sometimes I can be a real blonde but for some reason I was a real blonde today...I thought I needed two male ends of the cord, so back in the garage I go hunting for a non exisitent cord.

Ready to give up I start to shovel...well this snow is heavy and wet and I am getting frustrated, maybe its time to call hubby, but not until I have a second look at the snowblower.

Duh, it hits me then that I do not need this "special cord" I think I do a regular extention cord will do just fine.  So I plug it in and push the button....